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Dette notatet ble skrevet for lenge siden. 

Sommeren 2006 ble jeg av en venn utfordret til å tegne disse betrakninger. Jeg begynte å tegne et bilde av verden. Siden har jeg bare fortsatt.

These notes were written a long time ago.


In 2006 I was asked by a friend to draw these views. I started to draw a picture of the world. And I could not stop. 


All things considered. The sound of fire. The sound of water. The sound of silence. The river Lena has its source in the mountains, west of Baikal.

Brahmaputra, Indus and Ganges has its sources close to Kailas. 

Mekong, Yangtze and Salween flows parallell through the mountains in south-west China.

Eufrat and Tigris. 

Donau, Volga, Dvina and Petchora.

The Nile, the Congo and Zambezi, - Missisippi, Missouri, Red Rock. 

Amazonas, Orinoco and Rio de la Plata.

Murray Darling!

Out of Mongolia, through Tuva, Sayhan, towards the ice of
the Arctic flows Yenisei.

Towards the sea of Okhotsk: Amur, the Black Dragon.

Into the Yellow Sea, the Yellow river.
Ob-Irtysch from the Altai mountains.

From Pamir, Hindu Kush and Tian Shan runs Syr Darya and Amu Darya into nothing. They cease to flow, vaporized, swallowed by sand, salt, murder, killings and war. 

Fra kjøkkenbenken 1995-07, 129*155cm








The Shibar pass is 10,000 feet high, and we were near the snowline before we left the last trickle of the Kunduz, as it started on its long journey to the Oxus and the Sea of Aral. Five minutes later another trickle started on a journey to the Indus and the Indian Ocean. Geography has its excitements.  

              -Robert Byron, The Road to Oxiana, 1937.

Fra utstilling Galleri Lille Kabelvåg 2007

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